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We offer full wildlife control services.

Wildlife X Team® Tulsa is a family-owned business leading the way in humane wildlife control and removal from your home and business. Wildlife X Team® Tulsa provides both repair and wildlife removal throughout Tulsa and the surrounding area. Have bats, rats, armadillos, snakes, or raccoons? Wildlife X Team® Tulsa will remove any wildlife and repair damage caused by these nuisance pests! Best of all, we will work to protect your home and keep them from coming back!


Wildlife removal

Wildlife removal (or Wildlife control) is the process of selective removal of problem individuals or populations of certain species of wildlife. Many of these nuisance animals have become habituated to man’s presence and have learned to take advantage of the food and shelter we provide.

Wildlife Trapping

In the United States, homeowners are constantly faced with different kinds of infestation problems. The Tulsa area, in particular, is flush with wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, bats, rats, mice, armadillos, skunks, and snakes, that cause all kinds of trouble. If you’re dealing with any infestation problem Wildlife Trapping X Team Tulsa can help you solve it.

Bird Control

From the birds soaring in the blue skies to the squirrels hopping from tree to tree, there’s something about animals that resonates with us, especially when we observe them in the wild. Asides from adding to the diversity on our planet, all species also play an important role in the ecosystem. Without bats, the mosquito population will rise to unprecedented levels, just as the rat population will explode in the absence of predators like snakes.

Properties Damage

However, when wild animals begin to interact with humans, things begin to turn sour. Human/wildlife conflict is primarily caused by humans. As we expand our reach and encroach into wildlife territories, these interactions become inevitable. Wild animals like raccoons, bats, skunks, and more cause immense damage to properties and are associated with many health risks. That’s why wildlife removal is crucial in today’s world.

Why Choose Wildlife X Team Tulsa

When looking for a professional wildlife company to work with, lots of factors come into play. Some of which include effectiveness and cost. Our professionals at Wildlife X Team undergo rigorous wildlife training and they have years of experience under their belt. This means you can trust them to develop the most effective strategy for dealing with your unique wildlife problem. We also offer competitive prices. However, note that the amount you’ll spend is highly dependent on the amount of damage the wildlife has caused. That’s why it’s extremely important to deal with your wildlife infestation problem promptly.

Call Wildlife X Team Tulsa today and let us help you deal with your wildlife infestation problem!

Problems Caused by Wildlife

If wild animals stayed in their lane, there’d be no conflict. Rather, they sometimes choose to reside in attics, chimneys, and walls, while they steal fruits from the garden and garbage from trash cans. Here are some of the most common problems caused by these nuisance creatures.

Wild animals are quite adept at destroying properties. A raccoon living in the attic will tear on insulation material to build its nest. This causes a reduction in the heating efficiency of your home, which raises your energy bills. A rodent in your attic will chew on almost anything, including wood, wires, insulation material, and more. In their case, they have a biological drive to chew on objects to keep the length of their incisor in check. However, for homeowners, damaged wood weakens the structural integrity of the building. Moreover, a chewed electrical wire becomes a potential fire hazard.

Ground squirrels, moles, and more will disfigure the yard by burrowing into it. On the other hand, animals like raccoons, birds, and so on will eat plants from the garden before the homeowner gets a chance to do so.

When a wild animal sets up its residence in your attic, it will bring in all sorts of rubbish, including twigs, leaves, and more. Once it starts residing, it will urinate and defecate in that area. These wastes pollute the entire space and it’s only a matter of time before the stench finds its way to your living space. Moreover, it attracts other dirty insects like cockroaches into your house. An animal stealing from the garbage will litter the entire yard with trash from the can.

If the animal eventually dies in your attic or crawlspace, locating its carcass can be challenging and you might have to deal with the awful smell. But at Wildlife X Team Tulsa, we can help you discover and remove the carcasses of wild animals.

There are thousands of diseases found in the wild. That’s why you’re advised to avoid direct contact with a wild animal. But when they’re living in close proximity to you, they become a threat to inquisitive pets or children. Some of the most common zoonotic diseases include Psittacosis, Rabies, Blastomycosis, Trichinosis, Rat-bite fever, Histoplasmosis, Coccidiomycosis, among many others.

How Wildlife X Team Tulsa Can Help You

At Wildlife X Team Tulsa, we specialize in humane wildlife removal. With our wealth of experience, we can develop and implement custom removal strategies that will get rid of your infestation problems.

Our Process

Dealing with wildlife infestation is very challenging. Effective wildlife removal relies on an adept understanding of the species’ behavior to develop the right solution. By hiring Wildlife X Team Tulsa, you can be guaranteed that our team of professionals will help you develop the optimal strategy. Here’s how we operate:


This is the first and most important step. We use it to identify the root cause of the problem. We ask questions like: How is the animal getting in? Where are the potential entry holes? How many animals do you have residing on your property? How much damage has the animal wreaked? And lots more. Once we answer these questions, we move on to the actual removal.


Wildlife removal is an art – that’s why you need Wildlife X Team Tulsa. Each animal requires a unique removal strategy. For rats, we seal all potential entry holes than we use a snap trap to capture and kill them. If it’s a mother raccoon in your attic, we pick up all her kits when she’s not around. Then we use her kits to lure her into a cage when she arrives, before relocating them, at least, 10 miles away. A dead rat in the house? We follow the smell till we’re able to locate and remove the decomposing carcass.


As you already know, wild animals leave all sorts of rubbish in the house/property. They will also stain the insulation material with their droppings and urine. At this stage, we will remove all these remnants before we decontaminate the infected space to get rid of germs.


All the chewed wood, wires, pipes, insulation materials, and more have to be repaired. Wildlife X Team Tulsa can also help with that.