Wildlife X Team Tulsa


Wildlife X Team Tulsa is a family-owned enterprise that deals with the humane handling and control of wildlife. We offer the best wildlife removal services with policies that favor homeowners and protect their yards and property from this wildlife.

Wildlife X Team Tulsa services the people of Tulsa County in Northeastern Oklahoma with the best professional help, ridding their yards and homes of animal pests while using humane and safe methods.


Some animals we remove include:


Tulsa County has an area of 1,520 km2 and packs lots of wildlife into this space. Homeowners need professionals to guard their homes against pest infestations, and Wildlife X Team Tulsa does just that. Our services include:

  • WILDLIFE REMOVAL: Animal pests often find their way to yards and homes searching for shelter and food. These pests learn to coexist with humans and can cause damage and loss to homeowners. As professionals, we remove the animal pests in the most humane ways and rid your home of these pests.
  • RODENT EXTERMINATION: Rodents are very destructive pests and can transmit diseases to you and your pet animals. The Wildlife X Team is a breath of fresh air to the people of Tulsa County as they exterminate these pests with professional efficiency.
  • WILDLIFE RELOCATION: After trapping animal pests, most homeowners are sat at a loss as to the next action to take. As professionals, Wildlife X Team Tulsa is conversant with animal protection laws of the county and removes the animal pests from homes and yards with knowledge of the best relocation plans for the animals.
  • WILDLIFE ADOPTION: In some cases, concerned people report the death of an animal or a baby animal without parents. Wildlife X Team Tulsa adopts the babies and takes care of them before introducing them back into the wild. This also occurs when the wild animal is sick or has injuries.

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    • HOME REPAIR SERVICES: Wildlife X Team Tulsa handles damages that wildlife infestations cause and provides barrier options like fencing for our clients. Wildlife X Team also provides routine visits to clients and provides services that are cost-friendly and efficient.



    To be professional and efficient, the Wildlife X Team only hires highly educated and professional staff as members of the team. We use a wide array of equipment for our work and ensure that we carry out every job with the highest professionalism.

    Our equipment is humane and safe for animals. Our practice has obtained its license from the State of Oklahoma, and we give only the best services to clients.

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    Wildlife X Team Tulsa provides service to all of Tulsa County, and this includes:

    • Broken arrow
    • Turley
    • Bixby
    • Skiatook
    • Catoosa
    • Sapulpa
    • Collinsville
    • Sand springs
    • Coweta
    • Owasso
    • Glenpool
    • Jenks

    When in need of professional help or wildlife removal services, you can reach us on our website. We care enough to offer only the best.