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Skunk Removal

Although skunks are beneficial to our yards (they feed on harmful pests), their presence is unwelcomed because of their terrible odor, as well as their penchant for digging. When threatened, they spray a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals, such as thiols, which gives off an offensive odor.

For homeowners in Tulsa, here are some of the most common problems caused by skunks.

  • Skunks residing under the crawlspaces like under the porch, shed, or deck.
  • Spraying in your yard, which releases a noisome odor.
  • Digging holes in the yard in search of grubs
  • Threatening household pets with their spray.
  • Damaging the garden… and more.
  • Health concerns including leptospirosis, rabies, intestinal roundworm, and more.

Experts at Wildlife X Team Tulsa can help you solve your skunk problem.

Skunk Removal Process

The best way to get rid of skunks is through an integrated control plan that incorporates both removal and deterrence. Here’s how we go about it at Wildlife X Team Tulsa.

Eliminate Food and Shelter

Skunks are in your yard either because it provides them food or shelter or both. Here are some actions you can take:

  • Ensure you properly close your garbage.
  • Do not leave fallen berries, fruits, and seeds in the yard.
  • Eliminate woodpiles, hollowed wood, and other debris that can shelter them.
  • Close off access to barns, poultry houses, and sheds.


The purpose of an inspection is to identify the areas of damages. This helps to determine the best control method to implement. 

Control Methods

Here are some of the most effective skunk control options.

Live Traps

A live trap is well-suited for capturing skunks that are residing in your yard. The reason it’s a great option is that you do not need to get close to the skunk to capture it. Some of the best baits to use include fish and chicken.

Once the trap captures the skunk, approach the trap slowly and place a large towel over it. Skunks do not like to spray targets they cannot see, so this ensures that you do not get sprayed After trapping, the animal should be relocated to, at least, 10 miles from the capture site.

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    If the animal is residing under your crawlspace, you have to ensure that there are no babies there before you capture and relocate the skunk. Since skunk trapping and relocation is subject to state law, it’s best to use the services of professionals like Wildlife X Team Tulsa.


    There are several skunk repellents on the market but they are not very effective. Provided there’s still access to food or shelter, skunks will generally put up with the inconveniences they cause.


    Fencing is a good but expensive way to keep skunks out of your yard. Since skunks are not great climbers, the fence just needs to be about 4 feet tall. However, since they’re great diggers, the fence needs to be about 1 – 2 feet below ground level.

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