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Attic and Crawl Space restoration

A pest infestation can very often leave parts of your home or yard damaged or even completely destroyed. Depending on the animals and the amount of time they spent in your attic, the mess they leave behind can be either cleaned by yourself or you may need to call special services. In the case of prolonged infestations, the amount of waste and urine left by the wild animals is so large that a professional restoration of the attic is required.

Why should you get your attic and crawl space restored?

If you have been dealing with wild nuisance animals for a while now, there is almost a 100% chance that your insulation is completely destroyed and contaminated. Contaminated insulation causes a very bad odor that can be rid of only by replacing the old insulation with a new one and sanitation of the whole attic. Moreover, it can also pose health threats to you and your family. Humans can contract a lot of diseases from pest droppings and the longer the animals have spent time in your attic, the more it will require professional restoration. Regardless of what kind of animal you have been dealing with – whether they were rodents, raccoons, birds, or bats – after their droppings and urine sit in a closed space for a very long time, they start to develop spores of bacteria. These spores become airborne and can be inhaled by humans, which can then lead to contracting a disease. What is more, a scent left by the animals will attract other pests in the future, hence why it’s so crucial to sanitize the attic, fix the damage, and replace the insulation.

When should I get my attic restored?

If you’ve been dealing with a pest infestation for 1 to 3 weeks, then quite possibly you will require attic restoration. Before the clean-up takes place, the offending pests must be trapped or excluded from the property.

Costs of attic restoration

The cost of attic and crawl space restoration will depend on the company that you contact, but also on how big the area is, how much insulation needs to be replaced, and how much animal droppings must be removed and cleaned. Most companies calculate the cost through square footage.

Restoration process

Companies such as Wildlife X Team Tulsa typically start with identifying the wild animal – professional teams can tell by the damage what kind of pest has been causing all the trouble. Usually, raccoons are the animals to cause the most damage, whereas bats can dispose of the biggest amount of waste in the attic. A wildlife removal company will start with safely removing contaminated insulation, cleaning the area, sanitizing it, and then placing down the new insulation.

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