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Exclusion and Repairs

Finding wild animals in your house can only mean one thing – that somewhere in the building there is a gap or hole big enough for them to squeeze through and move in. Wildlife X Team Tulsa knows all the areas that animals tend to use to get inside your property – anything from vents and chimneys to ground level gaps and plumbing stacks. We can recognize the pest just by looking at the entry points – raccoons usually get inside through ripping one large hole, whereas rats and mice enter the house through very small gaps.

Repairing different entry holes

Sealing any entry points should always be the first step when dealing with pests, however, another issue is repairing the damage they have left behind. Depending on what kind of wild animal you are dealing with, the damages can be more or less significant, but in most cases, you will need to do some kind of repairs around the house. However, it is crucial to remember not to start any work before you deal with the animal problem itself – fixing damages comes only when pests are removed and entry points sealed so that the nuisance animals are not able to come back.

Entry holes and damage in the walls

These kinds of holes can cause a lot of trouble in the future if they are not repaired correctly in the first place. If the work is not done properly, there is a big chance of pests coming back into the house the same way. Depending on the size of the hole, you may be able to use a filler type product that is available in almost every maintenance/garden store. For larger gaps, you may need to replace a few of the bricks. Considering that the walls support your house structure, you may want to hire a professional to carry out the work – especially if you are dealing with a lot of damage or multiple entry holes in your walls.

Chimney and Roof Damage

A lot of animals can get inside your house through gaps in the roof or chimneys. In this situation, you should consider replacing vents and covering them with mesh wire to reduce the chances of the animals choosing that way again. If the pests have damaged your chimney on their way in and out, you will probably need to install a new chimney cap – the ones made out of stainless steel often prove to be the most durable.


If you had a problem with pests once, there is a big chance they will try to come back. Sealing off entry points and fixing the damage is one thing, but the other is prevention – pay attention to not leaving food leftovers outside or anywhere near open windows, keep pet food in closed containers and ideally store your garbage indoors (garage or special closed-off area in your yard).

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