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Clean-up and Sanitation

A pest infestation means not only disturbing noises and damage, but also danger and diseases. Wild animals can leave behind large amounts of droppings, urine, hair, debris, nesting materials, and so on. These remnants can pose health threats to you and your family, cause a really bad odor, and attract other pests such as cockroaches or insects.

Attic contamination

If you have animals residing in your attic, you are quite likely to deal with raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, or bats. As soon as you spot the pest presence in your home, you should take immediate action. Animal droppings and urine can cause strong, hazardous odors that can be very hard to get rid of. Wild animals always leave large amounts of waste behind, which is not only not pleasant to look at or smell, but also can cause very serious health problems. Not to mentioned other damage that these animals can do to your property – anything from chewing on wires and furniture to bringing debris from outside and creating nests that are a perfect environment for insects.


Many pests spread diseases that can be caught by humans even when we don’t have direct contact with the animal. Some of the feces can transmit diseases as when they dry and become dust, they turn into airborne spores that can be inhaled. This can lead to contracting Salmonella or Leptospirosis, and many other diseases. Some droppings can also contain roundworm eggs which can infect people. Many of the diseases carried by pests can be very serious, and even fatal especially when not treated quickly. Hence why cleaning your attic after dealing with a pest infestation is crucial.


This is not your usual clean-your-house-time. When sanitizing and cleaning after the presence of wild animals, you need to be very careful and make sure to have the right gear, such as face mask, gloves, long sleeves, and strong chemicals. It might be a good decision to use professional help provided by wildlife services to make sure that your attic is safely decontaminated.

Professional methods of clean-up and sanitation

If you are in the area of Tulsa and in need of help sorting out your attic after a pest infestation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wildlife X Team Tulsa – we offer professional attic clean-up and sanitation services.

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    Why Hire Professionals to Clean Wild Animal Waste in Your Attic

    At Wildlife X Team Tulsa, we understand that having an animal invasion in your attic can be incredibly stressful and dangerous. We also understand that following a removal or control situation, you might think it easier to take care of cleaning wild animal waste from your attic by yourself. After all, it can be cheaper and to many, it seems easier. It’s definitely not though. While it may look to just involve sweeping out feces and spraying off urine, there’s way more danger behind the scenes that may be left behind. Here’s why you should hire professionals to clean wild animal waste in your attic:

    Only Pros Have the Right Tools

    Again, while it may seem like a broom and potentially a hose should take care of cleaning waste out of an attic, that’s not all. In reality, you may need protective clothing, disinfecting cleaner, pressure washers, repair tools, animal control tools, and anti-quite a lot. The chemicals used by professionals to clear out dangerous substances aren’t readily available to buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot. These are specialized chemicals designed to clean but not be damaging to you or your property.

    There’s More than Meets the Eye

    Viruses, salmonella, bubonic plague, rabies, parasites, and bacteria are just a few examples of what you’re dealing with while cleaning wild animal waste. These are incredibly dangerous toxins and substances, which can put you in serious danger. Calling the professionals not only allows you to escape virtually any danger presented, but also leaves you in capable hands. We’re called professionals for a reason, and we’ll know, notice, and get rid of any hidden dangers. Again, this also ropes into having the right tools, as even with the knowledge, you need specialized chemicals to get rid of these substances.

    It Can Be Time Consuming

    Cleaning wild animal waste can take quite a while, and it’s quicker and safer to let the pros take care of it. After all, a standard visit may consist of cleaning feces, urine, nesting material, food, odors, mold, parasites, viruses, pheromones, acid, and much more. That’s on top of having to prepare the materials, move into the attic, fully dress in protective materials, set up decontamination, and actually work. There’s quite a lot which can take quite a long time.

    Pros Can Repair as Well

    On top of being able to clean the wild animal waste from your attic, professionals have the ability and license to repair your attic if you wish. Through this, you can not only take care of the dangers, smells, and work with professionals, but you can also get repairs and cleanup as well. Our team, for example, is trained in not only being able to clean up your attic, but also repair it and enact preventative measures. We’ll be able to remove any traces of the past invasion and work to prevent any future invasions. That’s on top of saving you from virtually any dangerous work.

    Potentially More Animals

    On top of being able to take care of any remaining clues that an animal was there, hiring a professional can also lead you to discover any potentially new animals. Whether all but one animal was removed, or another took the previous animal’s place, there can always be a new invasion in an attic. Without the right preventative measures, when one animal moves out, it may either return or have another animal take its place. This can leave your attic with a new invasion, which our team is trained to take care of.

    No matter the attic situation though, all of these reasons give you an idea as to why you should hire a professional to clean your attic. Feel free to contact our team at Wildlife X Team Tulsa for any questions or requests you may have for an attic cleaning, and we’ll gladly take care of them. Just make sure to not put yourself in danger attempting to take care of wild animal waste in your attic by yourself.

    We start with removing or vacuuming all the droppings, hair, or nest materials. In most cases, we also recommend removing all soiled insulation and replacing it with a new one after the sanitation of the whole area. When the attic has been cleaned, we sanitize the space with a special cleaner that destroys any organic matter. Once that’s done, our team will repair any damage – such as electrical wires, pipe, or ductwork. In the end, we will put the new insulation in place, which will complete the cleaning and sanitation of your attic.

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